Any Advice please > webmail.domainname.tld and mail.domainname.tld

Hi there

I have been trying Webmin / Virtualmin on a few test servers.

I have everything working as expected, mail is send etc but I am a bit confused by this:

If you go to any domain name that has been added as a virtual server and use mail.domainname.tld - you view a Roundcube Webmail login screen

I have tried logging in and it always fails … using - email address and password (I can login to Usermin using these details)

This is a standard up to date install on a new server
I have not install Roundcube
There is no Roundcube folder under etc/
I have replicated this on two virtual server from different providers

Further more if you actually try visiting webmail.domainname.tld - I receive a browser error: the page is not found.

Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated

Kind Regards

They need more info as Verions i think?
Also yes or no SSL certs and resolving NS/DNS names that they are ok also for that sub webmail… :wink: ).

( for example her with LE SSL cert the webmail.domain.tld is automatic redirected to https://domain.tld:20000/ )

and mail.domain.tld gives forbidden.

So you’re sure these subdomains do’nt have the (old) resolving dns for them, changes takes a while.

H #jfro
Thank you for your reply - You are absolutely right - as I was just testing a few domains I had just updated the A records to point to the server - my registrar has a default CNAME record pointing to a mailserver with Roundcube …

I will have a look at the webmail.domainname.tld - but that now seems to be a DNS issue - I am just going to have a look at how Virtualmin integrates with Cloudflare .

All the best