Antivirus in background

OS type and version Debian Linux 9
Webmin version 6.12
Virtualmin version 1.955

Hi guys!
I’d like to install an antivirus that run a scan everyday. Someone has some advice for this?


A default install of Virtualmin comes with ClamAV which is an antivirus app that runs on the server scanning by default inbound email when turned on.

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You should have clamAV installed, just set cron jobs to run.

@stefan1959 / @asimpledeveloper,

ClamAV already runs in the background by default when email is arrives, and before delivering to the inbox.

If enable in post script, i never do due to the load.



Our dedicated email servers run with 4-8 cores and between 4-8GB of RAM on average which handles load nicely.


Thanks everybody for your reply.
Does ClamAV scans the files? I need to check virus on files of my website, not on email.

yes it does.
clamscan -ir ~/public_html would scan user’s entire website.
you might want to additionally install clamav-unofficial-sigs package and reduce the number of checks on /etc/clamav/freshclam.conf to save some load on server. eg. use
Checks 4
instead of 24.

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I’ve runned it but I’ve got this error:
sh: clamav: command not found

Maybe it isn’t installed?

sorry, should be
clamscan -ir ~/public_html

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