Announcing free installation service for any system that fails to install successfully

Hi all,

The recent Fedora Core 6 troubles brought to light a rather unfortunate fact: Sometimes, despite our best intentions, our automated installer can be broken by outside activity (in this specific case, a bind package update for Fedora is broken, causing all of our automatic configuration to fail). It took several days and several confused interactions with customers having apparently very serious problems for me to realize that the upstream bind package was broken–I didn’t see it because my test box had originally had bind installed from earlier working packages, and the test cycle only included removing our packages and none of the Fedora-provided packages.

So, in order to reduce the odds of such serious installation breakage going unnoticed, we’re offering our installation service for free if your first attempt to run fails on any supported Operating System.

“So, what’s the catch?” you may be asking. There isn’t any. If you’ve got a system that we claim is supported and running results in any FATAL errors or if the resulting Virtualmin installation is obviously broken (e.g. you login and find that some or all of the network services are not running), drop us an email at Jamie or I will login to your box and fix whatever went wrong, for free.

This isn’t just because we’re really super nice, and like each and every one of our Early Adopters better than Santa Claus, Nintendo Wii, and bubble tea combined. It’s also because seeing the problem first-hand helps us insure that the problem is never seen by anyone else. It’s win-win!