Amazon S3 Backup Does not delete old backups - Error: Failed to list S3 files

I am backing up all sites to Amazon S3. The back is working well, it backs them up every day, full and incremental.

but I have chosen to delete backups after 14 days. But this fails, I get the following error:

23 servers backed up successfully, 0 had errors.
7 Virtualmin configuration settings backed up successfully.
Deleting backups from in Amazon S3 bucket mybackups older than 14 days …
… failed to list S3 files : Failed to list S3 files : The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided. Check your key and signing method.

Any ideas? I assume my keys are Ok as its backing up to Amazon. The containing bucket has List Files checked for my user (but under the bucket are sub-folders of each server, you cant set permissions of these).


Hmm, that may be a bug in deleting files from S3.

What I’d recommend doing is filing a bug report using the Support link above, but all the info you included above in that – and offer two additional things, your Virtualmin version, and whether that’s Virtualmin Pro or GPL.

Then, Jamie will be able to work with you to figure out what’s going awry there.



Ok thanks, I have done it