Amazing VirtualMin

Hy everyone ,
I am writing this topic just to say BIG thanks to peoples that created VirtualMin.
Now just couple of mounths i was looking for a FREE Control Panel for my webhosting service [ that is offered free as well ]…i had tryed EVERYTHING that i found on google , but every free solution ended up with system reinstall … everything crushed on my slackware box … until i’ve discovered virtualmin …
And since that time i am using it , i have 500 sites hosted that are managed via virtualmin+webmin , and my clients are pleased of the virtualmin control panel look .
On the other side , the administration of the domains and subdomains is a pleasure , with a little tweaking , now i am doing everything from my browser.

What can i say , you did a great job with virtualmin , keep up with this amazing project .

Regards ,

Thanks for the kind words, Str8!

We’re happy it’s working well for you. Be sure to tell your friends, co-workers, system administrators, etc. how much you’re enjoying Virtualmin. :wink: