Am new to virtualmin

i need someone to put me through

Do you have a question or problem you need help with?

YES, i need your assistant

We’ll be happy to help, but you’re going to have to tell us what problem you’re having.

i was unable to install the software

OK, what went wrong when you tried to follow the instructions found on our download page: Downloading and Installing Virtualmin – Virtualmin

A file was downloaded on my browser and i don’t know how to install it

You shouldn’t download it to your browser. You need to download it to the server you want to install Virtualmin on.

In the Software Licenses page in your account, you can copy the command you need to run on your server to perform the installation with your license details filled in automatically.

You can paste that into a terminal that is connected to your server via ssh.

is there a video i can watch to fix it or you will connect to my laptop? via team viewer

Here’s an installation video I made a while back: Virtualmin Installation and Configuration with CentOS 7 on Vultr - YouTube (Note you should not be installing new systems on CentOS 7 at this point, as it is 9 years old. Rocky or Alma 8 or 9 would be more appropriate. Or an Ubuntu LTS release. But the instructions are valid for all of our supported distros.)

While we offer unlimited support for all of our commercial products via private message here at the forum (and also answer questions as best we can in the public forum), we cannot offer realtime support via phone or video chat. We’re a small company, with limited support staff.

i dont know how to locate the serve

If you don’t have a server, Virtualmin might not be the right product for you. It is a server management tool.

What are you trying to accomplish with Virtualmin?

how can i get serve?

The video I linked you to goes through the process of setting up a virtual machine (a server) using Vultr and installing Virtualmin on it.

But, I’m still wondering what you’re trying to accomplish with Virtualmin. If you’re not already familiar with concepts like ssh, Linux, networking, etc. you may find it challenging to manage your own server, even with the help that Virtualmin provides. If you just want to setup a website, there are several products out there that make that easy without having to manage your own server. is one that is very easy to use, for instance.


I can help you establish and setup a server with Virtualmin however this would cost money if you are interested.

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