Am I being really stupid here? Static IP Issue, please help.

Hi All,

Having a slight issue,

under Network Configuration - > Network Interfaces -> I have set the following.

NOTE, I have a static IP address issued by my ISP, for argument sake, the Virtualmin server has been assigned a static IP by my router of, ( will probably be set as the DMZ or i’ll set all relevent port forwarding for the DNS, HTTP, etc etc)

Ok, so in the network Interfaces setup, I have set the IPv4 address to static and set it to, netmask to and Broadcast is set to (The ip address of my router)
I have saved and applied it and activated it. The error i get regarding not ready to use virtualmin has now gone, I can access the virtualmin, but it cannot access the web, IE, I cannot install scripts or update as it cannot resolve the host names.

Am I missing something really obvious? am I a complete idiot?

Thanks in advance


broadcast will be

gateway will be

This should work

iface eth0 inet static