Alternative to Let's Encrypt

I’m ordering a new dedicated server, and I’m looking in to setting up VirtualMin instead of the WHM/cPanel that I’ve been using.

I tried using Let’s Encrypt for my SSL provider before, but it has a limit of 100 certs per account. I have an account with 55 parked domains, and Let’s Encrypt tries to create a cert for www, mail, etc, which maxes out the limit.

So the question is, can I set up Sectigo for Virtualmin instead of Let’s Encrypt?


Using Let’s Encrypt is just an option – you can also add any other SSL cert that you want into Virtualmin.

Let’s Encrypt has the advantage that it’s built into Virtualmin, but if you’re able to generate a certificate outside of Virtualmin, you can add it in to your domain using Server Configuration -> SSL Certificate.