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yes updating the config and adding lynx sure broke my rule of never reading a fkin manual or checking in on forums. this is the only time i have seen partial updates and it worried me. :slight_smile: anyway be back in another 20 years or so

What is the problem with lynx?

this is the only time i have seen partial updates and it worried me. :slight_smile: anyway be back in another 20 years or so

Can you explain what’s wrong?

i have used linux for 30 years now and lynx was one of the main culprits in allowing people to recover external files which allowed users to infect or retrieve files that were not installed. its a great tool like everything in the right hands and most people would use wget which is (almost) part of every os so no need for lynx :slight_smile:

for the past 20 years all updates were for virtualmin, usermin, webmin and cloudmin all in one package, we blindly allowed this to pass scutiny but when a single file is updated one day after an update release adding config file and lynx its just enough to trigger you when you do not have the choice or an explanation of what it was changed for that needed immediate attention late at night and all system administrators are more awake at 4-8am having a coffees looking at logs.

It was my choice to add lynx for HTML to text email conversion, because it really does the best work out of all tools I tried.

Although, lynx is not a mandatory package, it’s recommended package. So, you can simply remove it.

oops sorry :slight_smile: yep i removed it as 99% of people do not need the hassle of running a mail server when google and cloudflare do it for you :slight_smile: thats from an ex sendmail exim postfix admin. add more cloudflare and gmail integration for home and free users. i did subscribe once but you dont do a homelab version of virtualmin. with nginx proxy or a docker manager, anyway thanks for reply, i just type like a PIA not a real one lol

Really? Never found that.

an externally accessable one, local mail delivery is fine for whatever i need to do on the back end. ascii :slight_smile:

Maybe your using webmin? I do web/mail hosting via virtualmin for clients.

ah well i forward all mail via cloudflare to their own gmail accounts and virtualmin deals with just the web traffic

Hmm, ok. VM works fine as a mail server, but if you like doing it they way and clients are happy :slight_smile: