AlmaLinux vs Rocky Linux: Which One to Choose?

Hello everyone,
I want to share with you this extraordinary article that I found online where the author concretely analyzes all the aspects necessary to adequately evaluate which of the two RHEL-based distributions to choose. I personally decided to focus on Alma Linux even before reading this article and I am happy to have made this choice.
Below is the link to the article in question:
AlmaLinux vs Rocky Linux: Which One to Choose? (

It isnt so much about ‘which to choose’ but use what you are comfortable with. If opportunity is there and available - try both and review your needs. People will answer based on personal preference.

I chose Alma because Rocky at the time didnt work for me. Others are happy with Rocky. There are endless pros and cons online but I personally think its a lot of waffling. I dont want to use Ubuntu so Alma it is before at some point RHEL again.

Obviously both distributions are noteworthy. Unfortunately none of us own the crystal ball and therefore we cannot know which of these will become more established in the next few years.
We can only make predictions based on market feelings and our impressions while using them.

Alma on my end, however rocky is being delivered from centos officials plus community…on server I would say it’s okay to use both of them but on desktop that’s different tune… for desktop I would choose Alma hence for server too as I found easier to just get started eg less work involved… but both are great. It’s your personal choice.

If A is 1, then according to Benford’s law Alma undoubtedly wins. :slight_smile:


@Ilia we value your opinion. I’m going with you’re good with Alma.

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