AlmaLinux Stable Going Live on March 30, 2021




We are interested in providing support for AlmaLinux.

I will run some tests tomorrow to see how it goes.

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Good choice. It’s probably the most promising CentOS replacement, partly because it actually exists, partly because Igor is scary smart, and partly because it’s not an Oracle project. (Oracle Linux is fine. Oracle the company… no comment.)

I think all you have to do is tell the installer to recognize it. I did have one nagging problem with my hacked install script (hacked to recognize AlmaLinux), however, namely, that Apache would run, but would show up as stopped in the indicators. That one puzzled me because systemctl status httpd would report accurately.

Overall, my most successful result was to install CentOS, install Virtualmin, install additional PHP versions, migrate the sites, and then migrate to AlmaLinux. Kind of counterintuitive, but it is what it is I suppose. That’s after installing it about a dozen times, maybe more, in different ways. It really makes no sense. One would think that migrating the OS first would have worked best, but it didn’t.

In any case, this is a good development. Thanks.


I have run few tests and can tell that Webmin is already supporting and detecting AlmaLinux correctly. Anytime @Joe adds Alma repos to our, I will adjust automatic script for easier deployment.


I only tried directly installing Virtualmin on AlmaLinux once, and it detected it properly, but refused to install on it. Maybe that’s changed since then. I’ll wipe the VM and try it native again. Thank you.

The first time I successfully installed Virtualmin on AlmaLinux was by masquerading AlmaLinux as CentOS, which worked perfectly.

The rest of the attempts were at ways that allowed AlmaLinux to be itself by running the migration script after Virtualmin was installed, which worked, but with various glitches. But it worked perfectly when any other system modifications (additional PHP, CSF, etc.) were done, and the site(s) imported, before the AlmaLinux migration was done.

That really makes no sense to me, by the way. But it was what I experienced doing it that way twice.

Thanks again,


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