Allowing Server owner to create virtual server (only sub-server)

Hi, I have a Virtual server, whose owner when logged in can only see “Edit Virtual Server”. How do I allow the Server owner to have permissions to create sub-server only for his virtual server?


In Administration Options -> Edit Owner Limits, make sure that “Maximum allowed virtual servers” is set to something other than “Cannot Create”.


Yep, that’s right.

Additional thought: VServer owners can, if they are at all allowed to create new servers, create only sub-servers under theirs.

But, one little “caveat” that I initially fell for, is that for Virtualmin, server != domain. If you want your VServer owners to be able to create only sub-servers whose domain is also a sub-domain of their domain, you additionally need to set in System Settings -> Account Plans -> {Plan Name} (for plans globally) or Administration Options -> Edit Owner Limits (for individual servers) the functions “Allow sub-servers not under this domain / under other users’ domains” to No.

@andreychek, @Locutus - Brilliant!.. Thanks, this helped a lot.


You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

I am trying to do just the opposite - to allow server owners to create (limited number of) top level virtual servers versus sub-servers. Tried different settings under Account Plans, however whatever settings I try the server owners only see Sub-server and Alias of domain.tld. How can I set so that they can create top-level servers?


Virtual Server owners can only create Sub-Servers.

Only the Master Admin and Resellers can create top-level Virtual Servers. If you’re using Virtualmin Pro, you could use the reseller feature to do what you’re after.

Otherwise, you’d have to create any top-level Virtual Servers as the Master Admin (ie, root).