All newly created virtual server shows "ERROR 522". Using cloudflare

Operating system Ubuntu Linux 22.04.2
Webmin version 2.021
Virtualmin version 7.7
Package updates [All installed packages are up to date]

when i preview the website it show the index.html default page, but when i try to access it via URL it shows me the following page after searching for too long

How is cloudflare involved here? Maybe explain your setup.

You probably need to take Cloudflare out of the situation to troubleshoot it.

Configure a hosts file on your client machine with the actual IP address of your server for this hostname, and browse to it. If it doesn’t work, look in the error_log for the domain in question for clues about why.

Cloudflare is a proxy, so it is between you and your server right now. You can’t find out anything useful this way. The browser never has anything useful to say about errors, anyway, but when there’s a proxy involved the browse really never has anything useful to say. It isn’t even talking to your server.

@Joe Problem solved; the issue was actually with the firewall. We restarted the firewallD, and the problem was resolved.

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