All external email blocked


I recently migrated from a cPanel/WHM server to a virtualmin based one with Dovecot.

I have a myriad of email problems but ill start with the one thats most concerning:

Only email that is generated from within the server itself can be received i.e. messages from contact forms and discussion forum notification messages.

Anything sent from outside @hotmail or @gmail etc disappears into thin air. Those address receive no reject messages but email doesn’t show up in the

When I check mail with usermin it just hangs.

Any help appreciated.


Well, it’s tough to say if it’s an email issue, or a DNS issue.

That is, is email getting to your server, but having a problem? Or is a DNS issue preventing email from getting there at all?

One place you may want to start is looking in your mail logs, /var/log/maillog or /var/log/mail.log, and see if there are any errors or related events whenever you send an email to your server.


Thanks, my host eventually resolved this. No idea how.