All domains being disabled when we trying to disbled one domain


I am using Virtualmin and having 30 domains hosted over there. When i am trying to disable one domain whole domains are being disabled. I am using Virtual 4.8
Please help me how to resolve the issue.



First: Upgrade to the current version of Virtualmin. Version 5.03 is in all of the repositories.

This is a weird problem…I can’t think of how that would happen. What do you mean when you say all domains are disabled? Is it just that the websites stop working (with a disabled message), or does Virtualmin show them as disabled in the domains list?

If the former, you’ve got a case of “the wrong website shows up”:

If they’re actually showing up as disable in the Virtualmin UI, I don’t know. Are they all sub-servers of one domain? When disabling a parent server, sub-servers would normally be disabled, as well.