Alias from one virtual server to another (403 forbidden)


Well, i’m new to virtualmin, but I already think this is awesome !

I created several Virtual Server, all at the same level. They work fine, but this time I created a virtual server with a domain name that I don’t yet own.
My point is that I wanted to work on the website, and when I’ll have the domain name, I’ll just have to change th IP.

So I created a virtual server as I would normally do, let’s call it “”.

I tried to create an alias from another domain to /home/fra/public_html directory. But I got a 403 forbidden.

In my directives of other domain :
Alias /fra “/home/framirex/public_html”

I tried to change permissions with chown chgrp (to www-data etc…) nothing worked.



I’m still after the this trick. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What I want is to be abble to access /home/fra/public_html with an url like

And when I’ll have, I would delete the alias.

Is this possible ?