After Webmin 1.981 upgrade, NO access to my Domains/Subdomains

I’m unable to access my Domains/Subdomains after webmin 1.981 upgrade!

Operating system: Debian Linux
OS version: 10
Webmin version: 1.981
Virtualmin version: 6.16
Usermin version: 1.823
Authentic theme version: 19.83-2

The solution to this problem was to restore my last backup webmin configuration file.

When you say “Webmin configuration file”, what do you mean exactly?

So far, every instance of problems with the upgrade to 1.981 I’ve seen were due to Webmin not restarting during the upgrade (I’m pretty sure, not everyone has followed up after I made the suggestion to restart Webmin). You shouldn’t need to touch any files, make any changes, restore anything, etc. Just restart the webmin service.

If you actually found some Webmin configuration files were damaged by the upgrade, it’d be useful to have more details (though no one else has reported that…so, I think all you needed to do was restart Webmin).

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