After installing cloudmin professional successfully what do I need to do next?


I am used to using VMware ESX and Promox VE, where I only need to install the bare metal installer on my VM host machine to start creating VMs. But with Cloudmin Pro or GPL, I will still need to install all of the related software virtualization packages to be able to create OpenVZ, KVM or XEN VMs. The Cloudmin install script will not do this for me is that correct? I have installed Cloudmin Prof. on a Debian 5.0.6 AMD64 box.

Thank you in advance!


To use Cloudmin, you’d install it onto one of the supported distros – and then, there’s a bucket load of documentation to help you set things up. The available docs are here:

To help you get started – there’s some details here on how to choose a distro, and what to do after performing a Cloudmin installation:

And from there, I’d recommend following the Cloudmin documentation instructions for the specific virtualization package you’d like to use.