After Apache update, Virtualmin says 'No FPM Packages Found' and other strangeness :(

There is no FPM option showing in Websites option, however ALL virtual servers are actually running in FPM!
Changing to CGI or FGCI ‘looks’ like it has changed but it stays in FPM, but the code in the virtual server is not changed and the handlers stay as FPM.
I guess somewhere upstream of VM, something has hijacked the PHP settings and / or suexec. All virtual servers are now owned by www-data.
Been tearing my hair out.
Running Ubuntu Xenial 16.04. Virtualmin 6.06 and Ondrej PHP versions.
Any ideas?


My problem was the missing php-fpm package.


The exact same thing happened on my server (Ubuntu 16.04.1, Apache 2.4, php 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2).
After a recent update, Virtualmin doesn’t detect that php-fpm is configured, installed and running on the server, nor does it detect any php modules in Server Configuration -> Website Options -> PHP information.
This is a production server and all sites are running php-fpm live - even phpinfo() shows this to be true.

I tried switching the sites I had running on php7.2 to php7.1 and reinstalling php7.2, but it didn’t help.
I can probably still configure a site to run on php-fpm manually, but new sites get an error while creating the virtual server and are switched to Fast CGI which doesn’t work in paralel to FPM.

Anyone has any suggestions?

Weirdly enough, I came to a solution after hours of research and only 30 mins after posting this.
For me at least, the problem was that after a certain virtualmin or some specific package update (not sure which), the php-fpm general package got removed.
If you run dpkg -l, it should list the php-fpm package including other php packages (depending on your php versions and installed modules).
So to fix the issue, I just installed php-fpm with “apt-get install php-fpm”.

Hope it helps others…

none of that unfortunately worked

My system reports that php-fpm is installed. I even re-installed it. No only that, it refuses to change to anything else. It totally ignores changes in virtualmin, BUT it accepts changes in webmin.
I think the problem is with suexec. This got upgraded when apache did. This might explain why the docroot ownership is nailed to www-data, no matter what and could explain why certain things simply wont execute.
At the weekend, when nobody is looking, I might have a trouble shoot at that.