Advice for Virtualmin > System Settings > MySQL Servers > Connect to MySQL server

I’m not sure if I should even do what I want to do, but I’ll let people tell me if I’m doing it wrong.

I’m in Ubuntu server 16.04 LTS with a Virtualmin paid version running on it; let’s call it “web” cause it’s my DMZ. Within my local network, I have another server running similar to the first, but it’s a Webmin only interface, and basically, I’m using it as a MySQL database info server for a project; let’s call it “secret” cause whatever. I’m trying to connect to secret via Virtualmin on web by guess-and-test, but I’m failing.

Inside my network I access secret via phpMyAdmin and all is well. I want a way to access it remotely using the Webmin > Servers > MySQL Database Server module on web. One attempt had resulted in a second menu item for “MySQL Database Server” in the Webmin > Servers menu on web.

My error messages while trying to create it in “Connect to MySQL server” are

  • Failed to add MySQL server : Require mysql- failed :
  • Died at (eval 108) line 1.
when I get the second menu item for "MySQL Database Server".

If I try to access it in Webmin > Servers on web I just see these error messages

  • MySQL is not running on your system - database list could not be retrieved.
  • The full MySQL error message was : DBI connect failed : Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (111)

So, I wonder if the inputs I’m putting in Connect to MySQL Server are badly formatted, or if I’m doing something that won’t work no matter what. I wonder if I should even be trying to give myself remote access by this method in the first place.

That should work as long as mysql is set to listen on on the machine. It defaults to only listening on ANd if you have correct name/password to connect to the DB on And as long a mysql is running on the machine. And as long nothing firewall wise is blocking incoming connections to mysql. Which the default port is 3306. Looks like yours is trying to connect to port 111 in your above error messages.