ADSL Client module not working on Debian 10 (no rp-pppoe package anymore)

Operating system:Debian
OS version:10
well… i try to use webmin-virtualmin for hosting my personal website and my provider has assigned a static ip for me with some pppoe credentials to use. i try to setup a pppoe connection on my debian system using webmin ADSL Client module. it shows as unused module. when i try to install rp-pppoe it does not exist and instead there is pppoeconf and pppoe alternative packages but webmin does not cooperate with any of them. is there something else to try?

Nobody has looked at the ADSL module in years. I’m surprised it’s even still in the Webmin package…I thought it had gone with one of the recent module prunings.

And, I haven’t setup PPPoE in 20 years, so not gonna be much help. Somebody else might, though…

you are absolutely right but in greece internet providers still use adsl for internet and it sucks to be routed to an internal subnet. they left pppoe for direct access at least.

Is the modem in bridge mode? If so, whatever PPOE client Debian uses should be able to negotiate the connection. PPOE happens at the OS level. Although I’ve never used it, I’m about 99 percent sure that the module is just a GUI wrapper for the (now-obsolete) PPOE client.

Personally, I’d try bridging the modem, uninstalling the module, and using whatever PPOE client ships with Debian to negotiate and authenticate. Then once you can ping something from the terminal, restart Webmin. I’ll bet you a bottle of cheap red wine that it finds the connection.


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