Adobe Contribute problem updating site


I have Virtualmin GPL 3.68 on Centos hosting a dozen sites. Recently two sites were migrated to this host where the maintainers were using Adobe Contribute to manage content. Both reported they were unable to save their changes to the site. In one case the user made several unspecified changes to the Contribute setting and then the updates "just worked." Nice, but not informative. In the other case I was able to look at the setup and found no obvious changes I could make at either the client or server end. The (non-)specific error message says that either the file (not specified) does not exist or the permissions are wrong.

Anyone else have problems like this? Ideas?


So, I’ve never used (or heard of) Adobe Contribute. :wink:

But, I’m guessing it uses either FTP or SSH or DAV to upload data. DAV is tricky in a suexec environment, so let’s assume it’s out of the picture for now, and focus on FTP and SSH.

If you have access to one of the clients making the connection, try saving and watch the various FTP logs and the secure.log on the server for clues about why it might be failing. It could be trying to cd to a non-existent directory. It could be trying to login as a user that doesn’t have write access (like maybe a mailbox user rather than the virtual server owner account), etc.

I’ll do a bit of digging and see if I can figure out what an “Adobe Contribute” is, and what it does.

sorry to not have been more specific, Contribute is a site editor and publisher, a lot like Kompozer. It requires little specific html knowledge on the part of the user to keep a site up-to-date. An older product.