Administration Username and Password in MySql

OS type and version: Ubuntu 18.04
**Webmin version:**1.981
Virtualmin version: 6.16 Pro
Related products version: RECOMMENDED

Hello… I have accidentally messed up the administration username and password in MySql. My username and password on Virtualmin used to give me all rights and priviledges when I logged in to PHPmyadmin. But now it wants me to log in as root rather than my Virtualmin username and password. When I log in as my Virtualmin username and password PHPmyadmin won’t allow me add or drop databases, It won’t allow me create users or any of the administrative things.

Since I can’t actually log in as “root” then I can’t change anything. How can I reset the administrative password in PhpMyadmin so it matches my Virtualmin username and password and then I can not only log in… but I can perform all the administrative tasks as well

Thanks in advance! Dan Lewis

You should be able to do that through the Edit User menu on that given Virtual Server. Go to the server in question, click Edit User, click on the user name you log in with and under the Other User Permissions tab there’s an area where you can give access to data bases in that domain.

On another note, you can also change the password to MySQL by clicking the Edit Databases tab and clicking on the passwords tab. If the “Same as Virtual Server Administration Password” isn’t checked, then check it and save it.

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