Address book server?


I’m trying to find some sort of address book server/service that anyone knew about that I could make work with Virtualmin? What I’d like is, for example, my iPhone to see that not only can it get email from the account I am setting up (on my iPhone that is) but also there are contacts that it could sync as well? I’m currently using Roundcube for my customers webmail and I know that has it’s own address book but that doesn’t work the way I’d like it to.

So I guess my question is, does anyone know of any service / program that I can add that works with Virtualmin (as in I don’t need to manually create address books for every user in Virtualmin manually) and has a way to Integrate with Roundcube?

Syncing email and contacts between a web system and smartphones isn’t trivial. You could try the Horde framework, which has email and contact modules (also tasks and calendar), can be synced with Outlook, Android and IOS, and can use Linux users created by Virtualmin via IMAP as authentication backend.

Hey thanks, I’ll look into that. I know often times address books and other services like calendars and task lists are trivial to make them work perfectly with everyone else (actually more or less impossible)

I’ll post back once I test out Horde and hopefully can get something working.

Okay, good luck with that! :slight_smile:

To sync Horde with Outlook, I had good results with the tool “Funambol Outlook Sync Client”, using the URL “http://myhordesite.tld/rpc.php” in the account settings.

For Android, you can pretend that your Horde was an Exchange server. You need to turn on “Exchange ActiveSync” in Horde and configure an URL redirect in Apache. There’s documentation how to do that stuff on the Horde wiki.

Thanks. I’m installing a test server today and trying to figure out how horde works and making sure it will run on my web server properly.


Nevermind, it just connects to dovecot


I’m slightly confused, while reading the documentation and some other online documents, horde has IMP which according to one article I read is horde’s Imp email IMAP gateway? Does this mean it has it’s own IMAP server? Like dovecot? Or it just connects to Dovecot?

I’m in the process of trying to get something to work along these lines as we speak. If it’s of any interest I’m looking to implement SOGo along with Virtualmin using LDAP auth.

SOGo have full package installs for Debian and RHEL / CentOS machines, plus a full pre-configured virtual appliance you can use for testing purposes:

Oh, and there’s a Webmin module too!

You can convince Virtualmin to use LDAP instead of flat files for auth by following this guide:,combining_virtualmin_and_ldap/ I know it’s legacy but I’ve managed to get this working using Virtualmin 3.99, 4.00 and 4.01.

Once LDAP is configured and working properly with Virtualmin, I’ve actually got another server in place purely to handle mail and SOGo requests mainly so that spam handling doesn’t impact upon website performance.

I’m sharing this simply because I’ve tried multiple times to achieve something similar with failed attempt at OpenXchange, Kolab and using the Horde route - none of which were much fun.

I hope it’s of use to you.

I stumbled across SOGo as well and was debating using it. Can’t remember why I decided not to though… hmmm. Anyways so far, on a test server, Horde seems to be what I will be using. It has a lot of options though so it will take some more time before I put it in production. Since I document my installs, I’ll post back with a tutorial for anyone else that may be interested.

I gave SOGo a shot too recently. They implemented a nice Exchange compatibility layer which, with quite some effort setting it up on Linux, makes SOGo appear like a regular Exchange towards Outlook.

In terms of overall features and options, Horde seems to be better equipped though. So if full Exchange compatibility is not of the essence, Horde might be better suited.