Addon Domains uggg

Okay Okay, I know, read all the virtualmin posts on google about how evil addon domains are. Okay, I accept that.

So lets move on to actually getting things to work they way they are supposed to.

So far in 3-4 days, I have installed virtualmin on a new server and added two top level domains, one and one moblile, Everything is cool and works.

So now I am investigating sub-servers. So I created a few potential new domains such as and

I logged into my linode account and added a dns zone record just like I did for my original Its been a couple of hours and still getting internal server error for mydomain2 and mydomain3. I have verified on several different DNS sites that the new record is alive and well. ( and a few others). I have uploaded all of my files to and I have installed phpmyadmin into I cannot visit or without getting internal server error.

…oh drat…the dreaded htaccess strikes again


Hmm, can you clarify what you mean by add-on domains?

As far as that error goes though – you may want to take a look at the Apache error logs for the domains, located in /home/USERNAME/domains/

There, you should see an error that shows up in the logs anytime you receive a 500 error on your website.

What error are you seeing there?


You know very well what I mean by addon domains. Just because its a term used by your competition doesnt mean you should deny knowledge.

The issue I had was with an htaccess file preventing the site from loading. I found that out while I was posting this thread, but thought that it might help someone else. Always check the htaccess files when sites dont load.

Vmin will not create htaccess file and usually is the software you are using who will do this, e.g. wordpress. So i’m not sure what is the point of your post?

The point is helping others. Htaccess file has nothing to do with Virtualmin. Absolutely correct. But dont forget, htaccess does have to change followsymlinks due to virtualmin security constraints. So in a way there is a connection.

Again, not criticizing virtualmin. Just trying to share my experience so that I might save someone else some time.

So you made a htaccess file what then prevented you to access two (sub)domains? Sorry but i fail to see what is the connection with Virtualmin.

For “FollowSymLinks” it should be set in Apache rather than htaccess and it would be good to disable this function for security reasons.