additional virtual server not working - urgent help please

i setup a new virtual sever and its working fine untile i add a new domain in it. i add the private nameservers for the new domain and after the nameservers updated, when i try access the new domain, its showing my main domain.

I dont even know how to explain it as this is the first time i face this issue with virtualmin. Here is the example to understand the situation

i setup virtualmin with “”. Its working fine.

i added “” on the same server and add its nameservers etc. The nameservers gets updated …
now when I visits “” it is showing me “

Check Apache server details, each virtual domain should point to the ip address of the server… and it should not say, default address or something.

how to do that?
if you mean in httpd conf file, it is showing ip.

check under webmin-server-apache-existing virtual host, it should not be default virtual server for the new doamin you just regsitered.
Also check under apache global config-edit config file, select the directive of the new domain you registered, it should be the ip address of the server Like …

parallely, search the forums… this has been reported multiple times.

yes both are showing