Additional Software for install scripts

**OS type and version:Ubuntu 20.04
**Webmin version:Current
**Virtualmin version:Current
**Related products version:Piwigo

How so you get the Photo software Piwigo added to the install scripts routine



Are you a Pro user or GPL user?

I’m a Pro user


I think we could add it. Looks like a cool app.


In the future, if you would like Pro support, address your question to @staff

This will get the attention of folks like @Ilia a bit quicker.

When I asked if you were Pro or GPL, it was a qualifying question as even if you wanted the script as GPL user, it may not have been added to GPL since that’s one of the selling points of Pro. Hence me qualifying the question so that I could offer you the best direction.

The @staff will often notice, and address issues eventually, but again if you want a bit faster attention as a Pro user, address your question to them. You are paying for the support :slight_smile:

Any idea how long it will take to get Piwigo added the install scripts, is there anything I can do to assist


We’re in a bit of a time crunch to get Virtualmin 7 out. I wouldn’t expect it to happen before that (and then some bit of time after that). And, it really depends on how ornery the script is to make work, and if it has weird dependencies, it might not happen at all. It looks simple enough, though.

If you’re technically savvy and know a little Perl (or are willing to learn a little Perl), the interfaces for making an Install Script are all documented: Creating Install Scripts – Virtualmin

If it’s a simple enough PHP app, you can probably just copy one of the existing simple PHP app scripts and modify a few lines to point to the right places.

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Curious how much would it cost to have Piwigo added to the install scripts


We normally charge $125/hour for custom development. This is probably not a big job (and hour or two). But, I don’t think any of us have free time at the moment; I’m swamped at my other job and we really needed to get Virtualmin 7 out the door several weeks ago.

Once Virtualmin 7 is out the door, we can take a look at this script.

Ok thanks for the very quick answer

I guess I can wait

Question when I try to run the install routine it shows the script but does not run the application any help


That seems to be a common theme in the forum lately, and may be an issue with Virtualmin on Ubuntu, though I haven’t been able to figure out what. An Install Script wouldn’t fix it. If PHP isn’t running, that’s a problem wholly unrelated to what you’re trying to run.

Historically, when that happened it meant that mod_php was installed and it screwed up the SetHandler situation, breaking all execution modes except mod_php. But, there are a couple of threads where people say they haven’t installed mod_php (but have installed additional PHP versions in various ways that we haven’t tested) and are having this problem. If you don’t have mod_php installed, it might be worth checking those threads to see if your situation matches those (they’re recent, active today).

@kdmiller45 - are you pro?

That’s already covered at the top of the thread.

@Joe somehow I missed, thanks.


Not sure if I can forgive you for that, heh heh.

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Some additional software that could be added to install scripts

Piwigo Photo Host software (Of course)
OSSN Open Source Social Network (Decentralized social Network)
Mastodon (Decentralized social Network)
Plone (CMS)


TikiWiki ( has already open-sourced it’s script to install Tiki on a Virtualmin system. We could consider making TikiWiki part of the set of software which is offered for install with the GPL version of Virtualmin.

I have just added Piwigo installation script for all Virtualmin Pro users.

I don’t see it on install scripts, and have tried to update the install script library


It will be shipped with Virtualmin 7.