Additional repo's: Is it safe?

Is it safe to use additional repo’s in addition to the Virtualmin standard repo? For example, GIT isn’t included in the standard Virtualmin repo but I can get it from epel. Is this going to break anything down the road?

This is an un-official response, but because no one has replied, I’ll just say:

  • I’ve found using too many repo’s has caused me trouble (was a mysqlclient issue as I recall)
  • I try to never use more than IUS and EPEL (I know that’s 2, but I consider them “one”)


It should be safe, but I mean like the previous user said some can cause problems.

I mean for example I use the epel repo allot (the Fedora one for CentOS) because it has the php-mcrypt package that phpmyadmin uses (though I think I get for what, but not exactly sure why, think has something to do with the blowfishkey but don’t quote me on that).

Also the advised perl packages allot of them are in the epel repository, like perl-Authen-PAM etc. But installing the perl-DBIx package would make the apache service fail to start, what comes up as an error is a load of things saying the mysql service can’t be access and throws out the starting of the apache service.

I think really just learning from experience should help.

All the best,

If you need Git, then install EPEL, make sure the repository is disabled /etc/yum.repos.d/epel.repo … make sure they all say enabled=0

then yum install git --enablerepo=epel

this will enable the epel repository just this one time to install git.