Additional MySQL servers to create users on

OS type and version CentOS 8 stream
Webmin version Latest (1.990)
Virtualmin version Latest (6.17)
Related packages MySQL

When I visit virtualmin configuration, I am being asked for:
Additional MySQL servers to create users on ( Just this system | [textfield] )

I am not sure what I should put into the textfield. The IP-addresses of the another servers in the cluster? The aliases? How do I know what the alias is? How to put in multiple servers? Comma-separated?

Thank you in advance!

Is for mail / Postfix, but why do you not choose there “just this system” ?


Unfortunately popup help is currently broken on that page (fixed in the next theme release). The help from that item is:

Additional MySQL servers to create users on

By default, Virtualmin will create all MySQL account and permissions on a single MySQL server, typically the one running on the same machine as Virtualmin itself. However, if you are running multiple servers with replication or the NDBCluster system, you may need Virtualmin to create these permissions on several servers. This will allow domain owners to login to any one of them.

To set this up, enter a space-separated list of additional servers into this field. Virtual servers created from now on will be added to the master system, and to those in the list. Existing virtual servers will not be added though.

Note you need those other servers to be known to Webmin.

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