Adding second server to host domains

Hi, i have a question about how to add a server to my current virtualmin server, lets say for example want to create new virtual server on a second server which currently has only webmin installed.I have addedd second server to cluster slave and as a new host on cloudmin.
what to i need to do to make it show up as an option when creating a new virtual server in virtualmin.
Do i have to instal virtualmin on the second server? or apache? im just not sure how do i add a virtual server (domain) to this new server.
Do i need ipv6 enabled for the second server?
Hope this makes some sense.

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04
Webmin version 1.995
Cloudmin version REQUIRED

Do you mean you have a dedicated server running Cloudmin and you now want to add a second dedicated server?

yes, that is correct

You need to be running Cloudmin Pro on the primary server for this to work. You will need to install Cloudmin GPL on the secondary server.

Then, using Cloudmin on the primary server, you need to add the secondary system by adding a new physical system:

Add System -> Add Physical System

Hi, ok so just Cloudmin, no virtalmin?

You do not install Virtualmin on either of the bare metal dedicated servers. You install Cloudmin, which is then used to created virtual machines that you then install Virtualmin on.

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