Adding Multiple Domains with Multiple IP's

I bought a VPS and Installed Virtualmin in it. Everything is working perfect but I want to add my different domains with the different IP addresses on Virtualmin. So, they can be accessed separately with there IP, not with the main IP.
Can someone help me with this?

Hi, Max!

Yes, it’s not a problem to do. All you need is upon creating virtual-server, define under IP address and forwarding accordion option called Virtual with IP with custom IP address. If private IP address is not already added to your system, then you would need to check Already active option as well.

Depending on your operating system, it should work out of the box. However, if you use Ubuntu 18.04 with netplan, you would probably want to add an IP address to the interface manually first, as there was a bug in Webmin 1.941, which only fixes that issue in Webmin 1.942. As a workaround, you could manually install latest Webmin.

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