Adding monitor to System and Server Status programmatically

Hi there!
Virtualmin Pro adds websites with the monitoring feature to the Webmin “System and Server Status” module.
However, I have over a hundred websites hosted with other systems, which I also would like to monitor.
And by the way, I would like to disable the monitoring on the Virtualmin box and put everything on one dedicated external one.
Now the question: is there a way to add a monitor to the module without clicking and adding each one manually in the Webmin interface? Via command line or something?
That would be very useful, but I could not find any info on that…


There isn’t a built-in way to do this, unfortunately.

However, you may have luck if you’re familiar with scripting… if you look in “/etc/webmin/status/services”, you can see a list of all the services being monitored.

Using that format, you could add additional websites to the list by adding new files, and then restart Webmin.