Adding ipv6 to a server

OS type and version Debian 11
Webmin version 1.994
Virtualmin version 7.1-1

I have a just–freshly-installed server and I wanted to try setting up ipv6 on that machine. I read a lot of docs and threads, but I’m still stuck …

My datacenter operator is providing me with an IPv6 address: 2001:41d0:403:xxxx::/64 (xxxx for privacy) and a gateway 2001:41d0:0403:yyyy:00ff:00ff:00ff:00ff (yyyy being slightly different from xxxx).

If I follow IPv6 and Virtualmin – Virtualmin , i should go first to WebminNetworkingNetwork Interfaceseth0 … I guess I have to go to “Active now” tab (“Activated at boot -” being empty), I don’t have a “eth0” but “eno1” with my IPv4 address and an IPv6 address reading fe80::ae1f:6bff:fed4:3aa (which I have on all Virtualmin servers).

If I try to edit that line to replace fe80::ae1f:6bff:fed4:3aa with my address 2001:41d0:403:xxxx:: it takes it (after many tests, I was stupidly removing the last “::” which made it not valid, I can save … and I went away, after applying configuration, to pursue with IPv6 and Virtualmin – Virtualmin

Coming back after many unsuccessful other attempts, I came back to WebminNetworkingNetwork Interfaceseno1 to discover that the IPv6 was back to fe80::ae1f:6bff:fed4:3aa … after more tests, I’m still unable to repalce that fe80::ae1f:6bff:fed4:3aa with my 2001:41d0:403:xxxx:: …

So I’m writing here to see if I’m already doing something wrong, bad method or bad IP’s or … ?


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