Adding IP access control from the command line.

I have restricted access to Virtualmin by IP. I am not at the location of that IP and need to add another IP address. I have SSH access.

How do I do this?

I believe I am supposed to add the IP to webmin.users. Are there any other files that need to be edited?

Most likely you did not restrict access to Virtualmin from localhost, right? In that case it would be pretty easy. You just need to create a tunnel via ssh to access Virtualmin. There are many tutorials on the web about this (it is fairly easy and should be in your toolbox anyway :-).

If you are concerned about security, you could block port 10000 and always use a tunnel (and no hassle any more with ip addresses and you wouldn’t even need https).

I personally always install OpenVPN, but of course this would be a more advanced topic.