Adding ftp user with custom home

Hi All,

I have a problem creative a ftp user for a domain, with the admin-user of that domain, and being able to select a different home directory for that user.
If I do that action with the root account, I can select a non standart home directory ( under the “Quota and home directory settings” section), but not with any other user, event if they are admin of the domain.
Is there something that cna be set-up somewhere else ? I’ve been looking for this for ages, and now it’s becoming critical.
That case also applies for classic users that I might want to create.



You should have some control over what home directory for a user is chosen, within the Virtual Servers homedir.

If not, you may want to make sure that setting is enabled… take a look in System Settings -> Module Config -> Server Administrator Permissions – and make sure “Can select home directories for users” is set to “Yes”.