adding domains?


I’m kinda new to linux and I’m new to webmin. I have a fresh install of xampp + webmin and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong when I’m adding new domains
This is how I add the virtual servers:

Address name: Any
Document Root:/path/to/htdocs

I don’t have BIND configured or anything else touched. Not sure what to do with BIND.
I found some guides on how to setup webmin but nothing regarding in depth configuration of DNS/Apache. Sorry if I missed them.
Or should I just try to install virtualmin as I read it’s easier to configure domains with it?

Um, might I recommend using Virtualmin to handle your virtual servers. It’s rumored to be pretty darn good :wink:

Webmin isn’t designed for virtual hosting…Virtualmin is. You should always use the right tool for the job, and Webmin (by itself) is not the right tool for the job of administering a virtual hosting server. We’re the developers of both…I’m sure you can see how silly it would be for us to build a whole new tool like Virtualmin if Webmin already did the job.

Webmin is awesome for system administration. Unmatched. But it’s not a virtual hosting management tool.