Adding Custom HTML Links to Virtualmin


After researching this issue, I have found no information about how to accomplish this task. Is there some mechanism by which to add custom links to the Virtualmin interface (VM Pro)?

Example: I have a custom web page for my customers that I would like for them to be able to access via their Virtualmin home page by simply clicking on a link.

Any advice/recommendations as to if this is possible would be greatly appreciated.



When you log into Virtualmin, check out the System Customization -> Custom Links – does that do what you’re after?

It most certainly does Eric. How I missed it before is ridiculous! Thank you so much!

is “System Customization -> Custom Links” avaiable on the free version?
(it doesnt show up here)

Thanks in advance,

I’d be a little surprised if it weren’t available, but I suppose it’s possible that it’s not… what options do you see under “System Customization”?


Custom Fields
Custom Shells
Global Variables

ps: Virtualmin 3.79 gpl

Mmm… yeah, sounds like that may simply not be available in the GPL version at the moment. Those sorts of things tend to trickle down into the GPL version, so it’ll likely show up at some point, though I don’t know when.


I hope it appear as it doesnt sound to be dificulty (to implement) and sound very handy.
there is some nice stuff that would extend virtualmin, for example the asterik webmin module, that unfortunelly doesnt allow to acess asterisk in other server, and i hope it could be updated. but for sure, i wouldnt hold my breath. :slight_smile:

Very thanks for the attention.