Adding APC stats to Virtualmin menu

I will be using apc in my server and configured apc.php file to be put in every virtual server’s /stats/ folder and can access it through web. However, it would be great if I could view APC stats together with Awstat, Apache, Webalizer stats in Logs and Reports section for each virtual server. apc.php file generates static page, so it would be quite possible to see its stats within Virtualmin. I understand that not everybody installs APC, so should can’t be Virtualmin standard. But I wonder is it possible to do this kind of things in such individual cases like mine?


In Virtualmin Pro, it is indeed possible to create custom links that will show up on the nav bar. You could link to a page in your /stats/ directory if you wanted.

In Virtualmin GPL, you could do that, though it’s a bit more work :slight_smile: You could do it by creating a Virtualmin plugin (plugins work in both Virtualmin Pro and GPL).

A plugin would give you the ability to add a link to the bar on the left.


Oh Eric, if only I knew how to make such plugins. Any initial instructions?

You need to know some Perl… there’s some details here on getting started:

Or you can use any of the existing plugins as a starting place.


unrelated question: What mode does your virtual server run? mod_php or mod_fcgid? If the latter, I was wondering whether you could share how you setup APC? (I never could get it to work reasonably, because “sharing APC” is not possible under fcgid).

Thanks Eric, I will take a look and maybe give a try.

Helpmin, some of the websites run on mod_php, others - in fast-cgi, and I used quite standard methods to install APC, but I was under impression that APC works in both modes. At least I can see stats in both modes. Are you sure it doesn’t work in fast-cgi? I would love to hear Eric or some other Virtualmin developers/reps to confirm this.

Correct, APC does not currently share its cache between multiple php-cgi workers running under fastcgi or fcgid (which I suppose would be the point of a “cache”).