adding a remote location to domain

I am pretty much a noob at virtualmin/webmin. I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

I do have a site working on virtualmin. That part I do understand. I also have a site on another machine. I would like to add the second site (remote location) to the first residing underneath the same domainname.

  1. site “” is on virtualmin/webmin.
  2. ip. on a second server elsewhere.

Is it possible to get “” and then also still see “” in the URL bar of the browser?

I do have access to that other server. It is running Apache as well but no Virtualmin/Webmin.


It sounds like you want a proxy… you can setup a proxy by going into Servers -> Configure Website -> Proxying, and then set “Requests to pass to another proxy” so that it looks for requests to “”, and proxies them to “”.