Add Support for Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage

For a future release, it would be nice to have Virtualmin support Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage as an option under Backup and Restore - Cloud Storage Providers.


I too would appreciate inclusion of Backblaze B2

I can use B2’s tools to manage it for now, but having native support would be pretty great.


Do you have a link with information about the provider?

Cloud storage at for Backblaze and for rclone, a great tool to use with it.

One more + for this:-)

Going to bump this!
would like to know if it is possible to create an api and import into Virtualmin? I am using rclone command line to sync accounts to individual buckets. Would be nice to see this done through Virtualmin interface. It way cheaper than using Amazon S3.

I’ll mention it to Joe to see what he thinks.

I don’t imagine Backblaze offers an S3 compatible API? If it did, it should be super-easy (as in, it would likely work today).


No, they don’t have that. It would be epic if they did! Here’s the API docs:

They also have sample code, and I’d be surprised if there aren’t FOSS libraries available.

Native B2 support for virtualmin would be great.

In the meantime can run minio with the ‘gateway’ command to provide an S3-compatible front end to B2 storage.

Do you know any S3 compatible service? I’m trying to use the “S3-compatible server hostname” to work with OVH openstack swift object storage, but I can’t find a way.
The rclone workaround is great, but not what I’m looking for.

Bumping this request as well. Backblaze is fast, affordable and reliable.
Please make it happen.

I’m going to bump this thread - would love to see this as well. Relatively cheap as S3 is, I would love to have a non-amazon backup as well.

I came across this thread as I do a routine/yearly search for Google Drive backup support for those of us with G Suite (multi TB storage). Not finding anything new I decided to implement the rclone method. I see another comment as to how this is not ideal - I agree but works great in light of no built in option. I would suggest to Joe/Jamie/et al that including rclone support in the backup destination sequence would instantly stop all these forum requests. As rclone supports pretty much every cloud storage option out there using rsync like commands it is a wonderful tool.

For now I am simply doing scheduled backups (full/incremental) to local directory and setup a cron job to run approx 1 hour later to sync the entire backup directory to a specified Google Drive directory pretty effortlessly. I forgot to mention of course you can run this command after the backup is complete. I have the cron job run as well just in case of any issue.

/usr/bin/rclone sync /backup/ remote:GOOGLE_DRIVE_BACKUP_DIR/