Add Snappymail to Install Scripts

Hi. Could you please consider adding to V pro install scripts:

Much better version of rainloop.

Thank you.

I guess you’re pro user, well otherwise it can take same time for you to install it semi manual via bash script or totally manually… hidden by some button.

That looks like a good one, and relatively easy since it’s just a fork of an already supported app. Looks like it has more and newer dependencies, but probably still do-able.

I’ll ask @Jamie or @Ilia to take a look at it, if they have time.

We can have a look. Do you personally use it? What are the main advantages over Rainloop?

It looks like the main advantage over Rainloop is that it is actively maintained. Rainloop seems to have been forked into a commercial version and a community version, and the community version is mostly untouched for the past couple of years.

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Looking at this as I’m totally ignorant to both and this is stated on SnappyMail’s site:

This is a fork of the much appreciated RainLoop, but with massive changes to be compatible with (mobile) browsers in 2020.

So I’m guessing that Snappy is a client version of the Rainloop webmail? Do I have that right?

No. They’re both web mail clients. Rainloop has a hosted commercial version in addition the Open Source version.

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Rainloop is used personally (within my organisation), but want to switch everyone to Snappy.

I have a number of clients using Rainloop and Roundcube also, and would like them all to switch to Snappy.

That’s why I originally raised it, making this an install script makes sense for my organisation and clients.

Thank you.

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