Add physicsl server?

OS type and version Centos 6.10
Webmin version 1.962
Cloudmin version 9.5


I’m having a real hard time finding the “add physical host” button in cloudmin?

  1. Go to Add SystemAdd physical system .

i don’t seem to have an “add system” entry in the left pulldown at all? I have “new system” but it is only there for KVM add/create, not physical?

Any ideas where i should be looking?



Can you show the screenshot of how your left navigation menu looks like?

Also, what is the output of:

cat /usr/libexec/webmin/server-manager/

:exclamation: Your Webmin and Cloudmin versions needs immediate package upgrades. The latest Webmin version is 1.990 and Cloudmin version is 9.6.



[root@c3po ~]# cat /usr/libexec/webmin/server-manager/
desc=Cloudmin GPL for KVM
depends=servers net proc 1.480
desc_cz=Cloudmin GPL pro KVM
desc_cz.UTF-8=Cloudmin GPL pro KVM
[root@c3po ~]#

I’m not seeing any updates from Yum web/cloudmin, let me try and get it updated by hand.


I don’t think that you can add physical system on one host KVM install. Although, I will ask @Jamie to confirm that.

It wouldn’t surprise me if i had picked the wrong option when I installed cloudmin, it’s been a long time since I first put it in.

Ultimately this environment is being rebuilt to RHEL8 anyway, so what’s the ‘right’ install order? Virtualmin,Cloudmin on primary server, Virtualmin on tertiary, add physical on the primary, then start restoring/provisioning domains?

We don’t fully support RHEL 8 for Cloudmin master systems yet, sorry.

so what’s the ‘right’ install order

It depends on what you’re going to do.

Is your plan to install Cloudmin master as a host system (on bare metal server) and use KVM to add multiple Virtualmin instances for hosting purposes?


Yes, that was the plan - bare metal environment, start with Cloudmin master that could have KVM or standard Virtualmin domains hosted on other physicals and then restore backups of the current running domains into the current environment. Start with restoring them on the master (since they’re all running there today) and then move virtualmin instance/VM to (pick other server).

So the KVM-only version of Cloudmin can only be used with a single physical system.

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That would explain a number of things that have been confusing me on how subdomains and mobility between physical hosts should seem to work versus are working in my current setup.

So, it seems like the most reasonable way forward is to build a new RHEL7 basic install, install virtualmin pro/cloudmin pro, restore domain backups from the current install and then bundle any additional RHEL7 physical hosts into that? Does the non master need anything other than base server instlled, or soes it also need virt/cloudmins before being added to the master?

No, the non master (KVM host) systems only need a base install, plus any Qemu or KVM packages.

Ideally they should have at least one bridge interface setup though, connected to the real eth0 interface.

That will cover the ability to host virtualmin managed domains and subdomains as well?

No, if you want to host Virtualmin domains directly on the system that’s also used as a KVM host, you also need to install Virtualmin.

Cool, thanks!

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