Add new MIME content type in project

**Operating system:Ubuntu
**OS version:20.04

Hello guys, I rented a server to make an app work that I need, the provider thinks I have to enter the following MIMET content type:

“application / vnd.hbbtv.xhtml + xml”
Source: RedOrbit HbbTV Emulator - Chrome Web Store

How can I do that? I went to: Webmin> Servers> Apache Webserver> 80 & 443 and i added on “Edite directives” the following line:

AddType application / vnd.hbbtv.xhtml + xml

but i cant’t save it, the syntax is wrong and the apache server does not accept this line
thanks in advance

Why did you add spaces in weird places? I don’t know much about MIME types, but the link you provided says, application/vnd.hbbtv.xhtml+xml. Adding a bunch of extra spaces makes it meaningless and a syntax error.

You also want a file extension when adding a type with AddType. I don’t know what file extension is used for this, though.

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