"Add mail attribute to LDAP users" not adding e-mail to "mail" attribute

postfix is using the “mail” LDAP property and the “mailAlternateAddress” to identify what mail it accepts for and how to deliver to Zarafa. I have been able to configure LDAP Users and Groups properly, and when I create a virtual server in Virtualmin the users go into LDAP beautifully and all of the information is there EXCEPT “mail” does NOT contains the users e-mail address (actually it’s empty) and mailAlternateAddress is also not there.

The Add mail attribute to LDAP users? is set to “Yes using mail and mailAlternateAddress”.

I do get an “Additional email addresses” box when creating the user but whenever I try and enter anything it always says “Failed to save mailbox : The additional email domain ‘domain.com’ is not
managed by Virtualmin” which is definitely not the case.

I’m having the same issue, myself. I’d setup Postfix+LDAP in the guidelines provided by:

Which setup LDAP to handle virtuals and aliases, but I’d prefer that the aliases be handled within the User’s own context as this option would do, done correctly.

With your lack of responces to this issue, I’m adding to it to bump it back up and hope people can help out. :wink:

I followed the instructions on the page at this link http://www.virtualmin.com/documentation/id,combining_virtualmin_and_ldap/

Whenever I try to add a new user to a virtual domain, I get the error
Failed to save mailbox : LDAP add of cn=test3@musiclabradio.com,dc=Virtual,dc=musiclabradio,dc=com failed : attribute ‘cn’ not allowed

To fix this issue, make sure you have misc.schema and misc.ldif in /etc/ldap/schema correct changing AUXILIARITY to STRUCTURAL.

Done that, go to your panel->webmin->Servers->Postfix

Upper left, edit module config, drop down to ldap, once there, Key attribute for map objects: set that to mailLocalAddress.