Add KVM Instance Fail write Lock

**Host operating system: Debian + KVM

we are currently using KVM through graphical interface in our KVM.
We are testing Cloudmin, but trying to add the instances we already have is not possible.
If they are on if they appear in the add options, but if we turn them off directly they do not appear.
Should we import to a certain volume or folder?

With one test VM:

Failed to add system : Primary disk image /mnt/data3/KVM-iTop/centos7.0-iTop for KVM instance is not in a known format : qemu-img: Could not open ‘/mnt/data3/KVM-iTop/centos7.0-iTop’: Failed to get shared “write” lock Is another process using the image [/mnt/data3/KVM-iTop/centos7.0-iTop]?

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