Add an additional user to each entry in /etc/group

I was wondering if I can add an additional user to each entry created for a virtual server in /etc/group.

Basically I want to make sure my “backup” user has access to all the virtual servers, since I don’t want to run the offsite backups as “root”. I saw the option for changing the “apache” account name which is provided access to the group, but when I tried changing it to “apache,backup” it doesnt let me.

Any way I can achieve this without manually editing the /etc/group file each time?


You should be able to have a new user automatically added to a group by going into Webmin -> System -> Users and Groups -> Module Config -> New User Defaults, and set “Default secondary groups for new users”.

Alternatively, if you’re already adding all users to a group like “users”, you could add the “users” group to your backup group.


Hmm… Ok this is hurting my head.

I would want the “backup” user to be part of every new VS group that is created, so it has access to all the files.

If every new user was part of the backup group, I don’t think that would achieve what I want, to allow the “backup” user access to everything, but not “too” powerful otherwise.

Is there a way to grant the backup user access to every new group that is created? So in other words “Default secondary user for new groups”

why make life so difficult?
If your “not root user who can only do backups of all servers” is compromised, your machine would become just as unusable. All client accounts would be compromised and your business would end no matter what.

Messing around with groups and users may be more harmful than let root backup your server.

Use Keys or some unbreakable 15 character password for root.