Add Alias to existing Virtual Server

i need to setup a new Alias for an existing Virtual Server following this procedure: (*)

but do it via api.

there is my scenario, i create a new virtual host with this wget command according to the api’s specs:

wget -O - --quiet --http-user=user --http-passwd=password --no-check-certificate ‘https://serverip:10000/virtual-server/remote.cgi?program=create-domain&

so i want to add a new Virtual Server Alias pointing it to the same directory of the domain created with the wget i past up. (see *) and without the: “Setup website for domain?” flag selected cause i don’t need to create a new directory for the existing virtual server but just use the directory of the main domain such as home directory of alias domain. (i hope this is clear).

so i need the correct wget string for add an alias to the existing virtual server using http api.
(i need to do this using api like the wget mode shown up).

i made a screenshot of the procedure i have to do with api. (see attached file)



handmade procedure

sorry, i see i need the “Setup Website for this domain” option durning the creation both the 2 solutions api and handmade.