Add additionnals informations on Server's list for CMS WordPess and Drupal, how to?


We’d like to display some additionnals informations over server’s list, on the left link Virtualmin Virtual Servers. These informations will come from custom API’s, like : CMS type, CMS version.

Any similar project in progress ?
Which best way to start ? new plugin ? (which model is closer to my need to get inspiration ? )
change on existing page ? (where is located this table Virtualmin Virtual Servers) .


Click the Module Config icon on the top left corner of the page, then see ‘User interface settings’

@calport thanks, it’s an useful info ! I added some usefull columns :slight_smile:

I’d like to go further to add some customs columns, like : CMS Type, CMS version, magic link to login, etc. I could code an plugin in Perl to create an similar listing or something to create custom field, but I need some tips to start quickly. Could you forward me to a good direction ?

We’ve 8 VirtualMin installation with hundred of small websites, so we’re looking tips to speed our process.

Here an idea…



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