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OS type and version Rocky linux 9.1
Webmin version 2.001
Virtualmin version 7.3
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Hi all

This is probably a stupid question but could someone please tell me in the account plans (VM > System settings > Account plans) what the “Quota for entire server” and “Quota for server administrator user” refer to? Is it RAM or disk space (which I think it is)? Where there is one admin (me) for each site, does that mean both quotas can be set to the same figure?


Quota refers to disk space.

Quota for entire server includes other users created by the domain owner, e.g. mail users homes, too. (This is implemented by setting the group quota for the domain group, which all users in the domain are a member of.)

Quota for administrator user is the quota for the domain owner account (a user quota), and will apply to website content, database content (if databases are on the same filesystem as /home), etc.

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Thanks @Joe helpful as ever.

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