Accidentely installed wordpress in wordpress directory but cant undo it

Ime running Virtualmin 6.17, Webmin6.17 1.981, on CentOS Linux 7.9.2009.

I accidentally installed the WordPress package in home/domain /wordpress/ directory, not the root of the user (home/domain).

So I deleted the domain, created it again and reinstalled WordPress package in the home directory.

All works (managed to do WordPress setup) but I how have to explicitly go to index.php. If I go to the domains doot (domain.tld) I get a Virtualmin holding page.

Any idea how to sort this out.


All you had to do was uninstall the Wordpress install and then reinstall it at top level.

Make sure you delete the index.html page in the domain. Then it will automatically go to the index.php page.

You no longer need to do this, as directory index was updated quite a while ago to use index.php prior to index.html.

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